{Things I’m loving right now}

being at home with him all day. I know our days are numbered so we’re taking advantage of naps and lounging.

milk mouth smiles.

w.a.t.e.r. it’s amazing how much water you need while breastfeeding, but even more amazing that your body just recognizes it and you drink it without thinking. (I’ve never been a huge fan of water chugging, but lately that’s been my thing).

when B man sleeps for 5 hours at night.

cold case and csi. I pretty much have csi, cold case, or law & order svu running on the tv nonstop day and night.

{things I’m not loving}

Bennett’s 9pm-1am bewitching hours & cluster feeds.

the sheets that are not quite deep enough to fit our mattress that keep popping off in the corners!

dinnertime….no energy or ideas to make anything, and takeout/fastfood is getting old.

When T leaves town for work.

taking B out in public where he could potentially catch deadly germs.



2 Responses to “snaps”
  1. Juj says:

    My personal favorite is the hood-rat pose of him in his blue beanie…and that little teeny smirk that says he’s dreaming and scheming.
    :) :) :)

  2. Brit Lew says:

    LOVE. I know this probably seems like way too big of an adventure for such a tiny babe right now, but when are you making the trek down to SD?!

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