Nicole’s Favorite Things Chapter 1


1. mario badescu hair rinsing conditioner. All through pregnancy, I kept waiting for the wonderful, thick luxurious hair that I was promised as a perk to being with child. It never happened. If anything, my hair was thicker, dryer, and more unmanageable than ever. I even dyed it brown to try and compensate. For christmas, my mom gave me some mario badescu travel size products for the second year in a row. I like all of his stuff, but this conditioner is kind of to-die-forrrrr. It’s like I finally have pregnancy super star hair.

2. Dodo Case. T and I both gave them to each other for Christmas; T for his ipad, myself for the kindle. Mine actually came through jcrew because they had an awesome printed version for the kindle. T’s came directly from San Francisco monogrammed and all.

3. camelbak water bottle. O.K. these have been around for awhile, but seriously? Do you drink your 8 glasses a day? I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a huge fan of water. But I have to be if I want Bennett to have any milk. Not to mention the whole weight loss issue. So easy to suck down water with this thing. Huge fan.

4. Kicky pants baby coveralls. SO soft. and cute. Favorite baby onesies so far.

5. Baby Bjorn. T and I went back and forth on this one for a long time. I really wanted the Ergo, but T didn’t think he would want to strap it on because it looked so big. So we got the bjorn, and so far I can’t leave the house without it. I have a feeling that when Bennett gets bigger, we may invest in the Ergo also, but right now this carrier is perfect for him. I can’t easily get the carseat out of the car with Bennett in it and carry it into the store (so heavy!) so I just grab my sleeping man out of the seat and slide him in. He likes sleeping near the boobs, so it works out well, and so far he has never woken up being in this thing while out shopping with momma bear. Score!


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