identity crisis


Last night it happened. I’ve always struggled with the name of this blog since I purchased the domain “” a couple years ago. I wanted to own it, but wasn’t sure that having it be the name of my actual blog was all that interesting. So, I went with “Little Lady O” as the official blog name, but still carried under the domain theomanfamily. Lately, however, I’ve not felt so little…and I have a new title….mama. I was trying to figure out what kind of blog this is…and it hit me. The only thing I’ve been blogging about is the baby and the dog in one way or another. Thus I arrived at our current name “Bennett and Beagle.” Hope you like it, if not, suck it.

There will be more changes. Consider this the first installment. I need a break after spending a good hour last night freaking out thinking I lost everything when trying to transfer the blog’s domain…you really shouldn’t play around on an ftp when you’re not sure what you’re doing.

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