he rolls over


Every night we find this little man in his crib with his legs and arms stuck out of the slats. And every time I find him like that it makes me feel like a bad parent…like I shouldn’t have had him there in that crib by himself in the first place. “He’s too little to be alone” I think. We only found him flipped over on his stomach in that crib once, a few weeks back…and I assumed that he was just kicking his legs so hard that he flipped himself (boy does he like to kick his legs!). Yesterday, he was playing on his back at work, and he was rolling from side to side, which I had seen before. Then all of a sudden, I look down at him and he’s on his stomach, halfway off the mat! And then when I flipped him back over, he did it again! So now I don’t feel like he’s so helpless, and I’m starting to think maybe I should put that crib bumper back on to keep him from waking up with his legs stuck.

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  1. Lena says:

    Those eyes! Can’t. stop. staring. at every picture.

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