Meanwhile, back at the ranch


Listen, I used instagram(0bviously) and I kind of believe that it is the laziest way to photoblog. However, I have to justify that these photos are not meant to be art or to be possibly printed and put in an album, but to document. instagram works well for that. Also, a couple tricks I’ve picked up that work well. don’t take your photos though instagram! take them through the camera and then import, and they won’t be so dumbed down. You’ll be able to do more with them that way. And another thing, if you want some of your instagram to stay off of your feed, then turn your phone on it’s airplane setting and then gram away, they won’t post to your feed. Then turn your phone off airplane mode. The photos will save to your phone, but not post. Tricky, huh?

Kitchen view into the living room.

the mini bar.

the babe, in his new chair.

dining room! finally, I completed refinishing the set. If I had taken before pics, you’d be impressed. But I did not, and therefore there will never be a tutorial on how I did them. Yep, lame.

One of my fav. details of the house. Love this light in the dining room.

view into the kitchen. granite!

into the little office/guest room.

Jax’s favorite place.

Just a glimpse into our new home. More to come when I get it together. We’ve been busy this weekend taking care of cars and trying to replace our water softener and fixing toilets. Oh, the joys of being grownups (and homeowners). Tomorrow we’ve got to figure out what’s eating our rosebushes, mow the front lawn, and put together garage storage shelving. Jealous?


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