Bennett’s First Birthday Bonanza


A truly bittersweet day. At least once a day, everyday of his life, I have had a quite moment where I squeeze him close, and breath in his scent. My heart swells each and every time. He is still so little, yet when I compare the size he was a year ago, when I first held him, he’s SO BIG. He got his two front teeth for Christmas, photo evidence below. He’s equally ready to be independent, as he is glued to my hip. He won’t hold your hand, and runs through open doors like he’s ready to take on the world by storm. If I’m sitting down near him, he alternates between whining to get up on my lap, and squirming to get off of it. One of the only things that Bennett eats is yogurt,  I suppose there are worse things.  His new favorite book is Little Blue Truck, and we almost almost made it through the whole book without getting distracted. His love for Jax is about as equal as our love for him.

Best ever idea for a first birthday party : This bubble machine. There’s not too much you can do to entertain 1 year olds, especially in balmy weather. It was great in the kitchen, but outdoors would have been cool too!

… Still a little unsure of the hurricane of bubbles….

Catching on!

…And he loves it!

Bennett’s uncle Sean, and the gorgeousness that is Christina.


Tres blue-eyed amigos. Tallen makes the best scary faces, and Oliver has the spunkiest hair.

its hard to take a group shot when you have three different cameras to look at. Bah!

Would you look at this little nugget’s eyes?!!

Its hammer time!!! – new favorite toy. Forget all the jazzy musical dog singing electro toys. This kid just wants wood weapons.

We opened gifts, which was actually really awesome. we really weren’t expecting/needing anything. Especially right after christmas. Our friends and family are so generous. He’s a lucky & spoiled kid.

And my favorite shot:

3 Responses to “Bennett’s First Birthday Bonanza”
  1. kimmy says:

    He’s getting so big! Happy Birthday Bennett! What a cutie!

  2. Julianne says:

    Happy Birthday to my favorite one-year-old!! Great photos Neek- looked like a fun party! xoxo

  3. Heather says:

    O my gosh!!! He is such a little man now! Happy Birthday Bennett!!!

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