2013 in review…. Hello 2014!



dear blog, I left you hanging in early 2013. You needed attention, I know, but so did my life. I needed to care for a child sick it seemed, 24/7 with ear infections (thanks daycare). I needed time to work on other creative projects (that I did and did not finish). I needed to cook dinner without worrying about whether there was sufficient cilantro garnish to warrant a blog photo. I needed to remember being a mom to my kid in his last year as a true baby, without worrying if I took the best picture to capture the moment. I did capture moments in photos in 2013 though, and here are my favorites…..2013002

those curls!2013003

those baby blues!


wine tasty in Los Olivos.

2013006 2013007

Valentine’s day

2013008 2013010

exploring the backyard. 2013011 2013012

first Santa Barbara zoo trip!2013013 2013014 2013015 2013016

loved the birds2013017 2013018 2013021

Easter egg hunting. Yeah, don’t mind the grass. That was before we hired a gardener. 2013022 2013023 2013024

First haircut. Allen, TX. 2013025 2013026 2013027 2013029

Back to the zoo. He’s looking for the monkeys. 2013030 2013032

you know, just giving the bronze cat a hug, while I eat my cookie. 2013033


2013039 2013040 2013041



Alexandria, Minnesota, July 2013. 2013044 2013045 2013046

2013048 2013047 2013049 2013050 2013051 2013053 2013054 2013055 2013056 2013057 2013058 2013059

the only good looking product at the farmer’s market in Alexandria, so we bought em. 2013060

Lake Darling2013062 2013063 2013064 2013065 2013066 2013067

Check out that photo-bombing dragonfly!2013068

Bennett’s first fish. I should probably note that he slapped it. I mean literally slapped the poor thing. 2013069 2013070

He was not the happiest on the boat. The wind was a real problem. 2013071

Uncle Sean. 2013072 2013073 20130752013074 2013077 2013078 2013079

Small town parades are the best. The town brings out their finest. There’s always candy in the street, mostly tootsie rolls, and everyone scrambles. 2013080 2013081

Though these parades don’t have much in the form of floats or….naked people…like the ones we enjoy back at home. 2013083 2013084

Roadside fireworks stand, we conquered you!2013085 2013086 2013087

Osakis antique stores, you were plentiful!2013088 2013089 2013090 2013091 2013092 2013093 2013094 2013095

Portland, OR. You are so weird, and so fun. You have the best playgrounds, and for that we love you. 2013096 2013097

Portland, OR. You are so weird, but you have the best playgrounds, so for that we love you. 2013099 2013100

Avila Valley Barn, October. 2013101 2013102 2013103 2013104 2013105 2013106 2013107 2013108

MyGym2013109 2013110 2013111

November, 2013. Carpinteria Bluffs. Photos by Sara Ovadia. 2013112 2013113

That’s me, showing off my tiny bump. 2013114 2013115 2013116 2013117

Jax, 3 years! 2013119 2013120 2013121

The few photos from Christmas morning. I was sick all day, so things were lacking, but Bennett loved everything. except he was over it by noon, and still had gifts to open, so he opened some the day after Christmas. Spoiled much?2013122 2013123 2013124 2013125

Disneyland for Bennett’s 2nd Birthday! New Years day 2014. 2013126

look at this kid smile. 2013127 2013128

This is pretty much how he looked at everything at D-land. In awe. I’ll post an awesome video of him on this train ride later. The song will be stuck in your head for days. 2013129

Hey Dishmans!2013130

Hubs grew out a beard for the occasion. It’s gone now, so we’re documenting its existence. 2013131

waiting for its a small world. Did you know they change the entire ride into a christmas wonderland??? it is actually pretty incredible to see. I can’t imagine how long or how many people that takes to do. 2013132

Meeting Mickey! No fear. 2013133

so much excitement, that he did nap. Thank God. 2013134

Because he made it all day, looking like this. 2013135 2013136 2013137 2013138

Two candles in a cupcake. 2013139 2013140 2013141 2013142

And I leave you with this. the glorious start to a new year. SO much to come. get excited.

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