Summer into Fall


Clara at 3 months! We made it through the newborn phase, though she didn’t make it difficult, so that’s a sad statement, not joyous. She’s still little, so at least we have that…for a bit. Gah! Such a little snuggle bun. She really likes gnawing on her own fists. Likes to laugh at her brother. Likes to cover her face up with blankets or nuzzle into them, goodbye crib bumper! She prefers to be layed down in her crib still awake to fall asleep, yeah you read that right. never cries. Sleeps through the night, dream feeds at 3am. Basically, an angel. 3.5months3 3.5months2 3.5months

clara3.5_2 clara3.5_1

clara3.5month_4 clara3.5month_8

10.5 weeks young. clara2month3 clara2month2 clara2month

Visit with the Great-Grandparents. Such good people. And the Ty Warner Sea Center.  wharf6 wharf5 wharf4 wharf3 wharf2 wharf

Julian, CA. Apple/Pear picking and Vintage Trailer Glamping.julian10 julian11 julian9 julian8 julian7 julian5 julian4 julian3 julian2 julian1

playtime with our buddies!playdate1 playdate2

@ almost 2 months. Those Eyes!clara_jax4 clara_jax6 clara_jax2 clara_jax


Tahoe, for a surprise appearance to Juj’s bachelorette!tahoe7 tahoe5 tahoe4 tahoe3 tahoe2 tahoe

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