Annual Teeth Pulling


None of us actually had any major dental work done, but you know what I mean. Getting Grown Men to play dress up (putting on a shirt that is too matchy is a hard concept to overcome), Getting little boys to even wear a shirt, making sure everyone has had a snack or coffee and is ready for some smiles, babies that keep spitting up, its all so difficult. Most of us would all rather go in and get some laughing gas and get a tooth pulled than spend an awkward hour in front of a big lens. And then there’s the posing. Should I look at the camera? Should I awkwardly look away? What if the camera catches that weird angle of my face that makes me entirely look not like me? What about my double chin? We’re no models.

I’ve noticed something over the years about photos of myself. Photos I remember once seeing and feeling like I hated at the time (my hair wasn’t straight, my arms are too fat, why didn’t I smile with my teeth??) I end up loving them a couple years later when I come back to them. Funny how that works. So I’m always grateful that I have the photos to look back on, no matter how many I love of myself at the time. This year, we hired Felicia & Maddy and not only did we love them, we absolutely love their work. They made it pretty easy on us, Tim was grateful that they helped in positioning, but kept it natural and free to be us. I think the images are stunning really, couldn’t be happier. I could have put up all 168 images, but I think that would be overload for you, and lets be honest, you’re never going to get to see the ones that I don’t like of myself, it is afterall, my blog we’re on here.

So, traveling back exactly 1 month ago….here we are:

Famshoot20141005_06Famshoot20141005_34 Famshoot20141005_01 Famshoot20141005_12 Famshoot20141005_14 Famshoot20141005_17 Famshoot20141005_07 Famshoot20141005_32 Famshoot20141005_19 Famshoot20141005_37 Famshoot20141005_29Famshoot20141005_25 Famshoot20141005_26Famshoot20141005_18 Famshoot20141005_20 Famshoot20141005_15 boy Famshoot20141005_10 Famshoot20141005_09Famshoot20141005_16 Famshoot20141005_23 Famshoot20141005_31 Famshoot20141005_33Famshoot20141005_02Famshoot20141005_13babe Famshoot20141005_08Famshoot20141005_30

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  1. Donna O says:

    These are beautiful!!!

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