It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!


A couple weekends ago we did the pumpkin patch, opted not to go to Underwood family farms to do the whole big shebang, but instead a smaller scale patch down the street. We decided on one really big pumpkin instead of a couple smaller ones. pumpkin4And I’m glad we did, because it made this possible: pumpkin2

Bennett decided on a Fireman this year, and we were pretty happy he did, because he kind of wanted this green dragon costume at first, not remembering of course that last year, I hand made him a henry hugglemonster costume that he hated, and pretty much refused to wear. Henry Hugglemonster is basically a cute dragon monster (for those of you that don’t have disney junior running round the clock.) And while I’m on the subject of Disney Junior, did you see this episode of parks and rec? we almost died laughing, and basically quote Ron Swanson on the daily. So anyway, I didn’t want yet another dragon costume……to go unworn. pumpkin11



When did you become a Child? pumpkin7

Rescuing the house from the giant one-eyed Spider:pumpkin10 pumpkin6

Fire Chief Business is real serious:pumpkin9

We went to the Oaks Mall today, In full Fire mode, and he got SO many compliments from old ladies, people wanting to stop and take a picture with him. so funny. I mean, today is halloween, did people forget? I know the kid is cute, but I didn’t think it would be so shocking. He loved the attention though. pumpkin8

Favorite part of this image is the chubby little hand dangling:pumpkin

And last but not least, a reading by Bennett:

happy pumpkin day mouse from nicole oman on Vimeo.

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