Flying Caballos


Last weekend we went up to San Luis Obispo for a little reunion trip with all my old college roommates. It’s too bad we couldn’t rent out our old home, but really not too bad, because where we ended up was at this century plus old farmhouse, built by the Madonna family. It was unique, and the property was perfect for a 3 year and the dogs to explore. It was a weekend to celebrate 5 marriages in 5 years, babies, dogs, birthdays. We got a night out on the town, one of the highlights for Mom and Dad, because those kinds of nights just don’t exist anymore. We cooked tri-tip, watched football, stayed warm by firepit, fell into weird hot-tubs, washed muddy dogs, drank far too much wine, took photos(evidence below), and generally just enjoyed one another. We talked about making this house a tradition, but upon the realization that we would quickly outgrow it, we joked about pitching tents in the yard for the kids. Though that might not be an actual joke, it could happen one day.

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  1. Sara Ovadia says:

    Beautiful photos! What a cool place!

  2. Shannon says:

    I love that place!! Thought about getting married there and did a tour and all. Super cool :)

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