Phoebe’s Great Great Grandmother’s Cookies


You must be thinking this is looking more and more like a foodie blog. You’re probably  correct in this matter, but there’s not much I can do to help it, so just deal. k?

This is an ode to the chocolate chip cookie. There are two things I think about when the smell of these is drifting from the kitchen. 1) Really, why would anyone ever use a recipe that was not on the back of the yellow bag? its perfection. and 2) no doubt my favorite moment from friends, which usually plays straight off a reel in my head while these are baking.

I suppose I should probably explain the broken wine glass photo as well. attempting to take a glass out of the cupboard, while you have your hand in the oven trying to remove the cookies, Aaaand keeping the dogs snout out of said hot oven is difficult indeed. Let’s just say broken glass may have found its way onto the stove top and quite possibly as a crunchy little cookie topper surprise? hmm. Well, I’m pretty sure there was a guy on my strange addiction who ate glass habitually, so I figure it can’t be that bad.

I won’t bother to give you the recipe, because there’s no point really. You’ll never need to memorize it, although it could quite possibly just happen if you bake enough of them. If you are in the grocery store and decide to buy godiva chocolate chips instead, you’re pretty dumb. I’m just saying, buying Nestle is the way to go, then you have the recipe right there, in your cart, in your pantry, ready to go! Brilliant.


Nestley Toulouse! ehhh sorry for the horrid quality.



3 Responses to “Phoebe’s Great Great Grandmother’s Cookies”
  1. Moira says:

    I was just telling someone (can’t remember who – prob Mark) about this episode of friends!!! I 100% agree — why try to fix something that is already perfect — only thing Nestle Tolehousen cookies need is the occasional half-cup of chopped baking walnuts :)

  2. nicole says:

    not gonna lie, those cookies barely made it in the jar :)

  3. Yelena says:

    those cookies look mighty tasty next to that good lookin cookie jar!

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