Wes Anderson


So we’ve been watching a lot of films. I say films because the word movie makes it sound like we love to eat popcorn and drink copious amounts of coke. While we do love coke and popcorn, we tend to watch our motion pictures while  slicing through fillets & asparagus. These kinds of foods are eaten while watching films, not mooovies. Bet you didn’t know that.

Lately, we’ve been real hung up on Wes Anderson Films. Due in part by the genius that is Fantastic Mr. Fox. It’s crafty & witty and surprisingly far more detailed than any one of those 3D movies going on. This Stop action will blow your mind. If you haven’t already, please rent (or buy) this. You won’t regret!

Our second fav of his films, is probably The Life Aquatic, but we have yet to see Bottle Shock or The Darjeeling Limited. In my Wes Anderson Research today, I discovered he’s got another movie coming out in 2012! get ready for Moonrise Kingdom. Soup excited bout this.


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