She’s Super Freaky, Squeaky Clean


My confession of the day is that I’m a clean freak. Those of you that know me or have lived with me, know that really its not much of a confession because it is not something I can easily hide. Although, it probably should be hidden. crisply folded sheets and kitchen floors that can be eaten off of make me giddy. I’m sure everyone that has lived with me has seen, at least one occasion, lay down on the carpet and rake my fingers through it, pulling up all the hair and lint that the vacuum left behind. It’s a sick addiction really, no better than those people who eat rocks and glass and household cleaners you see on TV. We don’t own a mop, other than the swiffer, because I don’t see the point in smearing dirt around the floor. Using a rag rags and a spray bottle really is the cleanest way, at least in my world.

When company is coming, I usually go into a frenzy and try and get all the nooks and crannies we’ve neglected since the last visitors…. like bleaching the grout, wiping down the washer & dryer, lint rollering the sheets(my favorite). All the things that no one will ever see, but for me, secretly knowing that no one will be finding any crumbs or clumps of hair during their visit is a relief, especially when Grandma Oman is coming. And she is coming (Buddy too!) today. So it goes, last night was a cleaning frenzy. I used a whole bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Lavender Cleaner. Tim thinks it smells like apples, which is great because I spray it on everything.

I’d probably consider brushing my teeth with it.

2 Responses to “She’s Super Freaky, Squeaky Clean”
  1. Heather says:

    You little super freak!

  2. Kimmy Giles says:

    I chanced upon your blog from facebook. And have come on every now and then. I love all your photographs. This post was just too funny so I couldn’t help but comment! It reminded me of freshman year and how our room was always the cleanest room on our dorm floor. Probably in all of Trinity! It takes one to know one ;) Nothing better than squeaky clean. I am one to wipe off the washer and dryer too. And have a daily sweep/spray/swift ritual every day. Giddy from cleaning. Lol! Hope you’re doing well. By the way, I have a blog too…

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