Mighty Life List

build a house | run a marathon | become conversational in a foreign language | throw a costume party | ride a dolphin | parasail | take a cooking class | travel Europe | go to the superbowl – if the chargers are there | do a cartwheel(Nicole) | Drive across America without a plan | go clamming | See a show on Broadway, NY | grow a vegetable garden | give $100 to a well desrving street musician | create a large well stocked home bar | own some land | sleep in a treehouse | go on a cruise | take swing classes and enter a competition | host an outdoor movie night | go two weeks without internet, computer, or cell phones | open a swiss bank account | ride a camel | scuba dive | write a check for a million dollars | Buy plaza level Charger Season tix | take a 5 year old to Disneyland | T.B.C.