The Boob Group



Every new mommy needs to find herself a good boob group. It’s kind of like a right of passage if you will, where you become a certified mommy. One session and you’ll feel like part of the club, the good old girls. Rock your mom jeans (because sadly, let’s be honest, your old jeans are going to give you a muffin top with that new waist of yours) and be sure to bring your baby carrier (ergo or gemini, they’re both acceptable for baby wearing these days) and settle down for a couple hours of nipple talk.

As a new mom, I have a love hate relationship with these nipples. Breastfeeding was initially excruciatingly painful, and now it is only sometimes moderately painful. People don’t tell you this before you have a baby, and that is probably a good thing because otherwise everyone would want to go use formula right off the starting block. The love part about this scenario is that the painful memories, and ongoing challenges with them give you a golden ticket to the boob group. It’s important to have something to say, some challenge every week that you can throw out there to the nipple committee, to have them nod in agreement and reassure you that in fact, childbirth and breastfeeding and all subjects baby are ridiculously difficult. The boob group is a place where you can proudly pull out those ladies and because of it, you’ll make friends. I love me some good boob group time and can’t wait to see where this new found place in mommyhood will take us!

identity crisis


Last night it happened. I’ve always struggled with the name of this blog since I purchased the domain “” a couple years ago. I wanted to own it, but wasn’t sure that having it be the name of my actual blog was all that interesting. So, I went with “Little Lady O” as the official blog name, but still carried under the domain theomanfamily. Lately, however, I’ve not felt so little…and I have a new title….mama. I was trying to figure out what kind of blog this is…and it hit me. The only thing I’ve been blogging about is the baby and the dog in one way or another. Thus I arrived at our current name “Bennett and Beagle.” Hope you like it, if not, suck it.

There will be more changes. Consider this the first installment. I need a break after spending a good hour last night freaking out thinking I lost everything when trying to transfer the blog’s domain…you really shouldn’t play around on an ftp when you’re not sure what you’re doing.

vday wishes



Hope it’s been a good one!



Happy Sunday!


New nook


I am currently sitting in bennetts nursey, nursing. Our little nook, where we shut the rest of the house out… ironically has a new nook. Yes, the nook tablet. The only good thing to come out of T’s trip to phoenix this week was that his work gave him a brand new nook. So now we have an ipad, a kindle, a nook, an iphone, and an android. I would say we have our bases covered on the wireless device front. I had my kindle parked in here for those long, cluster feeds, in hopes that I will whip through some books…. but that hasnt happened and it really doesn’t do me any good at 3am due to low light conditions. But this color nook is perrrrrrfect for internet surfing in the middle of the night when i only have one hand free. Thanks honey.

Something pretty cool i wanted to share with all you instagram fools: printstagram
Those tiny little books you can put on the fridge are the cutest! Yes?
You’ve probably already pinned these things like months ago though huh, right? And you’re now wondering what took me so long? Yeah, i have a good excuse.

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