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I’ve been doing some photo organizing on my computer. a.k.a. I’ve watched everything there is to watch on the DVR and can’t find a good book. I came across these little gems from last May… It was still early in my pregnancy so I didn’t have double chins…and my hair! look at it. I want to look like that again. I tried to go back to my roots, but the truth of the matter is that blondes have more fun. Simple as that. The verdict is still out on whether Bennett will be a towhead or not…so I could wait to find out and then let that be the deciding factor of whether I go back to blonde, but I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to wait that long. T will be happy…he keeps asking if I’m ever going to be blonde again, and when I tell him I have no idea…he not so subtly remarks “well, I married a blonde.” clearly, he would be really upset if I ended up golden before the month was over.

On another note, the puppy in these pics has mellowed out quite a bit, and has gotten some training due to a 2 week boarding trainer we sent him to, but he’s going to be a puppy at heart for life. I came home from mommy and me class today to find a whole roll of toilet paper shredded on the stairs. Between him and Bennett its amazing I’m actually able to write this blog post.

Tim is in phoenix, in case you were wondering. Lucky me.

1 month photos + video



On Wednesday Bennett turned 1 month! I meant to post these photos and video I made of him, but the day(s) got away from me. He was actually awake ALL day Wednesday…I think he wanted to party! This did not, however, mean that he slept all night. Anyway, enjoy.

Untitled from nicole oman on Vimeo.


1. mario badescu hair rinsing conditioner. All through pregnancy, I kept waiting for the wonderful, thick luxurious hair that I was promised as a perk to being with child. It never happened. If anything, my hair was thicker, dryer, and more unmanageable than ever. I even dyed it brown to try and compensate. For christmas, my mom gave me some mario badescu travel size products for the second year in a row. I like all of his stuff, but this conditioner is kind of to-die-forrrrr. It’s like I finally have pregnancy super star hair.

2. Dodo Case. T and I both gave them to each other for Christmas; T for his ipad, myself for the kindle. Mine actually came through jcrew because they had an awesome printed version for the kindle. T’s came directly from San Francisco monogrammed and all.

3. camelbak water bottle. O.K. these have been around for awhile, but seriously? Do you drink your 8 glasses a day? I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a huge fan of water. But I have to be if I want Bennett to have any milk. Not to mention the whole weight loss issue. So easy to suck down water with this thing. Huge fan.

4. Kicky pants baby coveralls. SO soft. and cute. Favorite baby onesies so far.

5. Baby Bjorn. T and I went back and forth on this one for a long time. I really wanted the Ergo, but T didn’t think he would want to strap it on because it looked so big. So we got the bjorn, and so far I can’t leave the house without it. I have a feeling that when Bennett gets bigger, we may invest in the Ergo also, but right now this carrier is perfect for him. I can’t easily get the carseat out of the car with Bennett in it and carry it into the store (so heavy!) so I just grab my sleeping man out of the seat and slide him in. He likes sleeping near the boobs, so it works out well, and so far he has never woken up being in this thing while out shopping with momma bear. Score!




{Things I’m loving right now}

being at home with him all day. I know our days are numbered so we’re taking advantage of naps and lounging.

milk mouth smiles.

w.a.t.e.r. it’s amazing how much water you need while breastfeeding, but even more amazing that your body just recognizes it and you drink it without thinking. (I’ve never been a huge fan of water chugging, but lately that’s been my thing).

when B man sleeps for 5 hours at night.

cold case and csi. I pretty much have csi, cold case, or law & order svu running on the tv nonstop day and night.

{things I’m not loving}

Bennett’s 9pm-1am bewitching hours & cluster feeds.

the sheets that are not quite deep enough to fit our mattress that keep popping off in the corners!

dinnertime….no energy or ideas to make anything, and takeout/fastfood is getting old.

When T leaves town for work.

taking B out in public where he could potentially catch deadly germs.



notes from the nursery


As I sit here with Bennett in one arm, balancing my computer on my knee and punch-typing, there are just a few things I can share with you before its feeding or burping or changing time again.

1. I will share our “birth story” at some point, but I’m waiting for all the drama from the pain he induced to subside before I spill it out and it ends up sounding like giving birth is the worst thing in the entire the world.

2. I don’t know why, but no one tells you how hard and painful breastfeeding can be. Or maybe they all do, but its overshadowed by it’s evil twin, labor & delivery.

3. Babies try to latch on to anything they can get their lips on. Little suckers.

4. We planned to have Bennett sleep in the nursery from the day we brought him home from the hospital. He’s not yet slept in his crib.

5. it’s true….baby skin is the softest thing in the universe.

6. More than anything in the world I wish I could see into his dreams.

7. Everyday postpartum gets a little bit more normal. Normal, as in washing and drying your hair, eating 3 meals, and thinking about leaving the house (even if it never happens). Baby steps….literally.

8. Does every newborn have arms and legs stronger than a builder on roids? And good grief, why do ther fingernails grow so fast?

9. did you know it is possible for an 8lb. human to produce an entire load of dirty laundry in 24 hours?

10. This is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

{hands are almost as yummy as boob}

{hi mom}

{oooh get my good side}

{karate kid. Bam.}


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