Today we get our diploma


I’ve always said Bill Cosby is my favorite comedian, and after watching this in class yesterday, it has been pretty much confirmed.



crying over a wreath


a week ago I made this wreath. As found Here on pinterest.

Today the association came and powerwashed our building, including the front door. Which I’m assuming demolished the wreath and they decided to dispose of it for me, because it is nowhere to be found. And I’m crying because it was one of the only DIY projects (non-baby related) that I’ve been able to finish in a long long time. Bah Humbug.

But If you want to make one yourself, you can. I’m literally mourning this wreath and not sure I can bring myself to go back to Michaels and make another.

If you decide you want one of your own you’ll need the following:

  • yarn
  • a styrofoam wreath form
  • hot glue gun
  • a couple pieces of felt
  • scissors

take your wreath form and loop + knot the end of the yarn around it. Then turn on the TV and wrap, wrap, wrap that yarn all the way around the wreath form, making sure that you don’t overlap and squeeze each loop you wrap down next to the previous. When you are done wrapping, simply knot it where you tied the first loop.

Use this tutorial to make some felt roses. Easy peasy. make several different sizes of roses and then cut out some leaf shapes if you would like. arrange on your wreath in a bunch, and then hot glue down. careful with that hot glue! I burnt my fingertip.

Voila! your own little flower wreath perfect for any time of year depending on the colors you choose.

Just make sure you don’t blast it with a powerwasher right after you make it, because that would probably ruin your evening like mine just was.



aaanddd she’s back. It’s been awhile, but I kind of got off the blogging bike and busied myself with other important nesting duties. You understand, right? In general, I’ve been running around with my head cut off trying to get everything for the next couple months in order. Its been insane, but it gives me peace of mind. Nuff said.

Our ghost baby with the big cheeks:

seriously creepy looking face little guy. But that’s you in there! The first ultrasound that makes me actually see you as a little person! A mouth! a nose! an eye! Love.

Officially Holiday Season


Halloween is over, so is it now appropriate to play Christmas music? Cause I downloaded some on itunes last week..and I’m itching to let it roll out of the speakers while stretching out on our new leather couches.

Hope your Halloweenie was filled with sugar and some good “Boos.” Mine was not. I was pretty excited that we live in a neighborhood with kids, and haunted house on the corner…thinking that trick-or-treaters were going to be a nockin galore….but NO. I even decorated the front door to some extent, carved a pumpkin, had over 40 peanut m&m packs ready to go in a fancy bowl…and we were ready. Not one knock, no one even passed by. I suppose that is because our front door is more of a back door. (we really have no entry to our house). So Halloween at home was a bust, and I was pretty sad face about it.

The bright side = I have peanut m&m’s for a month. maybe two if I ration. In retrospect, I probably should have splurged on the peanut butter cups.

Speaking of the Holidays, you can get some free tags for all the Holiday gifts you’ve already purchased (because you’re on that right?) at Paperplayne here. You’ll have to do some printing & cutting, but the results will be totally worth it. So cute!




Bla Bla


Lately I feel as if not much is a happening, but also that everything is happening? I think its because I’m ontop of things, so when the going gets going… I’m right there with it. Does that make any sense? I don’t know.

I have actually been crafting quite a bit, which feels incredible. The last year has seen a lot of attempted craft projects that went unseen because they were never finished (a.k.a abandoned when something better came along.) I’ve dusted off the sewing machine and practiced running straight lines by whipping up a bunch of flannel burp clothes. That was easy enough. Then I sewed a cover for a square ottoman to be used in Baby O’s room to rest our tootsies on while in the rocking chair. I’ve got some other sewing projects coming along too.

I’m also working on a DIY mobile to hang above the crib that is 90% complete. Photos soon! can’t wait to share. Our rug for the nursery should be here tomorrow, so its safe to say that things are coming together.

T was absent from my life again this week {traveling fool} so he wasn’t there for our 3rd last birthing class. Crazy Cat baby lady had the nerve to stop our six week session halfway through. So I’ve learned about what happens up until you get some pain medication. During the last class she did two things that totally gross/freaked me out and were unnecessary. 1. she passed around an epidural needle. AHEM….WHY? what good is seeing how large the needle that is going to be stuck in my back going to do me? I’m sure at that point I won’t care, but still. 2. for “break” (a.k.a. lets be fat pregnant people together and do what we do best and eat sweets) she served some red jello concoction that included cranberries, sour cream, and walnuts dumped into clear plastic cups. I kid you not it looked like placenta. For the second time in 3 weeks I felt the urge to vomit because of this lady. As you can see, I’m really heartbroken we aren’t going to be seeing her or her fat cats anymore.

Unfortunately, our knowledge of the birthing process and caring for an infant is now still at bay. We’re going to have to work on that one. Or just learn by doing, what we Cal Poly grads are supposed to know best.

Check out these Blabla dolls. Pretty much one of those animals baby O is going to keep for the rest of his life right? Much cooler than a classic sock monkey if you ask me. I like Bamboo Panda and Socks Fox. Which one should we get him?


In other news, it feels like Friday. And its Wednesday.



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