August 2012


we’re going here. And we’ll be taking an 8 month old with us. Thanks in advance Mom & Dad :) I can taste Mai Tai on my lips already.

A sock story


Once upon a time there was a girl who moved in with a boy after graduation circa May 2008. Things happened very fast and they quickly realized what a cruel place the real world really was. It was not as easy for the girl to live with the boy as she thought it would be and she very much missed the comfort and familiarity of living with 4 other girls who were as close as sisters. The boy would not play “happy nails” and usually came home covered in mud.

{photo evidence}

One day, while organizing their shared closet, the girl noticed a strange smell. She looked everywhere in that dang closet and discovered the source came from a large silver bag hanging on the back of the closet door. When she opened the bag she realized it contained at least two dozen pairs of dirty socks. The boy had moved them and decided to simply store them, unwashed. She washed them and they laughed about it.

boys stink.

Fast forward a few years, moves, a marriage, and a pregnancy….All those stinky socks have disintegrated, turned gray, and have large worn holes in the heels and toes. The girl has been waiting for the boy to get his sock situation under control, but now as his wife, she has assumed the head position of the happy feet committee.

The boy came home from a long 24 hours on the road to find a dozen new clean socks. And then promptly divulged he also needed black ones.

The End.


Guess what? Baby O got his first shower this weekend. Technically it was a sprinkle, because it was small and intimate and planned perfectly by a couple of my best college ladies. The sprinkle was held at Kate O Sessions Neighborhood park in San Diego, overlooking the bay. As you can see, they had the details down pat and I’m pretty sure countless hours were spent agonizing over the agenda, the food lists, the set up etc. The details were intense. We  played a few funny games like charades and guessing how big my belly was with twine. My personal favorite was when everyone put a paper plate ontop of their head and drew a baby. I had to pick the winner. I drew some sort of animal. The food of course, was pretty much to die for….and the pie was heavenly. In fact, I was sent home with almost an entire pie for myself and I can’t quite figure out if I should eat it all in one sitting so it doesn’t go bad, or savor it. Not going to lie though, tonight is probably pie for dinner night.

Thank you for all of the wonderful ladies that helped to welcome baby O into the world. He’s on his way and can’t wait to meet all his “aunties”.




Ahhh some updates.

+ saw this on etsy this morning and fell in love.  May have to buy or re-create for my kitchen.

+ currently working on a baby quilt with my mamma to match the nursery decor. It’s going to be animal-fab.

+ Successfully made the first batch of Pumpkin Bread this season. And it is glorious.

+ Tim is in Monterey again, so its just the bump + pump + I and things are lonely, but productive as usual.

+ We had our first childbirth class Monday night, and I have to tell you that watching a live birth on the video from the Doctor’s POV was just a wee bit traumatizing. It didn’t help that the teacher served pumpkin pie before the showing. Hurl.

+ obsessing over some great things on etsy that are easily DIY-able for holiday decor. Like this Garland and this wreath.

+ Possible Hair Change coming later this week.

+ Pandora has been delivering some old gems, and I’m in love with these songs:


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+ This weekend I reunite with my college loves for a day of baby-shower debauchery and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Cross your fingers we have a sunny day at the park for the picnic that has been planned!



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