On Tuesday Tim brought up the idea of going somewhere for my birthday in August. It was sweet of him to suggest it, and I immediately verbalized the idea of a short cruise. I think we both secretly scoured the internet for cruise deals after that little meeting in the kitchen, and really the only sad option I’ve seen is a 3 night Carnival cruise the Ensenada, Mexico. According to my mom, princess cruise lines canceled their trips to Puerto Vallarta so that their passengers didn’t get murdered by the drug cartel.  Not completely thrilled with the idea of Mexico, and would much rather be in the Bahamas. Basically I’ve decided the only reason to live on the East Coast rather than the West Coast is easy access by plane and boat to tropical islands.

A couple years ago, we made an awesomely random decision to make an extended weekend into a trip to Hawaii. It was just the two of us and it was pretty fantastic, minus the fact that our money only got us to the lava encrusted big island, but it was Hawaii and the Mai Tais were flowing. That is the kind of trip I’d love to take before O baby is born, minus the Mai Tais of course.

considering this fetus I’m carrying around (currently about the size of a large plum) is coming out in about 6 months and we’ve got half the store of Babies R Us to wrangle in, plus maternity leave….I think maybe we’ll go somewhere in the State of California. Boring right? maybe Monterey or Julian. I like Julian’s pies. But Monterey has an aquarium.

So here is a snapshot of what we will look like when we finally do get around to boarding a cruise ship:We look GOOD right? Actually I think we look more like in our 70’s here, but you get the idea.

Although we had some showers, it was beautiful. I’m sure the wine tasted really good, but I wouldn’t know. All 3 tasting rooms we went to smelled deliciously of aged wood, cheese, and of course pimp juice. I was pretty much drooling most of the day, sipping on organic sparkling cider that Leah so thoughtfully provided.

Multnomah Falls in the fog.

Photos of beautiful people I call friends:

Salad Season


I’d like it to be warm outside so I can sit on our new plastic patio chairs at night, in the dark heat…and eat. That’s not quite happening around here yet. It rained on my head again this weekend, although I was in Portland so I shouldn’t be too shocked about that. Summer Solstice should also mean the end of June gloom, but I’ve learned long ago that June gloom will most likely last well into July, and quite possibly August. It’s a fact of life.

Here are some salads I’ve got on my list to try, for those outdoor dinners I’ve got on my mind:

Strawberry Spinach Salad: Recipe Here and I’ve actually already tasted this, thanks mom. It tastes like a starburst candy. probably not a good thing, so you may want to cut down on that sugar when you make it.

Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad with Pineapple poppyseed vinaigrette: Recipe Here I’m not sure if I even like Brussel Sprouts, but I know I like Pineapple. Like alot.

Broccoli Crunch Salad:  Recipe Here ….I’m actually eating this right now. Not bad for raw broccoli….and I feel like a responsible pregnant woman.

BUT the real reason these salads have my interest is so that I can make a little something like this later:

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread



Welcome to my world of pregnancy products. There are the things ya want and the things you need. The nice thing about being pregnant is that the line is a little blurred and you can get away with getting the things you want, but saying it’s something ya really need. Example A above, are pretty colorful awesome glass water totes made by Lifefactory. I’ve had my eye on them for awhile, and finally purchased one as incentive to drink more water daily. There’s plenty of room in my bladder for water now that the cofffee and vino have escaped me.

I’m pretty sure that Stretch marks are genetic. You’re either going to get them or not and there’s probably not much you can do to stop the devils. BUT you can buy yourself some belly butter & ceremoniously lather it on. I got this stuff and after I put it on it seriously smells like I just walked through a vat of honey butter. T agrees. It’s good and makes you want to go eat some KFC biscuits. Pregnant or not, you should probably try this.

What else have I purchased for my growing belly? elastic waist-ed skirts. Thank god lazy is in right now.

Thank you, Herb Peterson


Behold, the Egg McMuffin

It made its debut in 1972 at a McDonald’s restaurant in Santa Barbara. Currently, its a finalist in my world of cravings. The other finalists? honey bunches of oats, bean and cheese burritos, and corn dogs. While I eat my blueberries and greek yogurt at work, I generally find my mind scheming it’s next craveable fix. Maybe this is what happens when you take away a woman’s wine and coffee. Maybe its just what the baby wants.

One of T’s famous questions is “what are you thinking?” it usually pisses me off because I’m lost in thought and the moment he asks me, I have no idea what I was thinking about. Lately, I know exactly what I’ve been thinking about. My auto response: “food”. He laughs.

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