True Stories


true story numero uno

For lunch today I ate a Bacon and Avocado Sandwich on Toasted San Luis Garlic Sourdough Bread. This photo was taken at exactly 4:43pm when I came home and repeated this deliciousness fat filled but so so satisfying “snack”. Don’t judge, skip to True Story#3 first please. (its ok, true story #2 is not very fun anyway.)



true story numero dos

We went Camping last weekend in Big Sur for Tim’s birthday. I had to book it over 6 months in advance. We had visions of long hikes and bowls of watermelon, and rightly so considering it is June. wrong. 36 hours of torrential downpour…and then the sun came out, just in time for us to pack up and head the heck out.  Some of his friends did come and stick it out in the rain for the first night, which was a nice birthday surprise. We did attempt to hike in the rain, but that only lasted about 500 yards up the trail where it dead-ended at the creek, which had turned into a raging river. Not cool.

Now I’ve got a cold.

true story numero tres

We’re having a baby!!! currently about the size of a prune. If you’re like me and wondering, how big exactly is a prune? its in between the size of a green olive and a lime :)

We’ve known for awhile, but I have had a hard time letting go of our little secret. For reasons unknown, I just felt like prune baby was much safer when mom and dad were the only ones who knew. But now you know, we will soon be three.

We’ve got until New Year’s eve to figure out what we’re going to do with a real baby! Boomshakalaka

To Build a Home


So I’ve been waiting to share this story, because I was hoping to get my hands on a recording of him actually performing this song on Wednesday, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get one. Wednesday night was one of the most special nights Ever. I’ll tell you why. My little brother performed this song at his high school talent show, and dedicated this song to “my sister, who is sitting in the audience, because I didn’t get to play it for her at her wedding.” I did in fact ask him to play it for us up at Figueroa Mountain, but we thought the piano aspect, which is vital to the song wasn’t going to work well on a keyboard. And after hearing him play it in a theater on a Grand Piano, I’m so thankful  we didn’t choose this song and make it sound like crud. This song is so beautiful, and I almost cry every time I hear it.


Here’s some of baby broski’s actual music:

Walk around Boston


Such sweet architecture in Boston. Loved the juxtaposition between the old and new buildings.

There’s real gold on the top of that dome on the state house.

Washington, Washinton, 6ft. 8″ weighs a F****ing ton, opponents beware, opponents beware.

Our Hotel

Mother goose.

Cheers Bar!

On a walk in early morning Boston Common, on 5/8/2011.

Year Old Wedding Cake


This year we celebrated our 1st Anniversary in Boston. Boston is a really cool city and I think T&I are both secretly jealous that my brother Sean is going to be spending his next 4 years there. If we had to choose between New York and Boston, it would be Boston all the way. Maybe because we had a bit more time to relax and see things at our own pace in Boston, it just had a better vibe than NYC, but whatever the case, it was a great place to spend our anniversary. We stayed in the historic Omni Parker House, which is where the Boston Cream Pie was invented…that’s what we actually ate on our anniversary and not our wedding cake….But when I came home, Tim picked me up from the airport with the cake in the car, because he knew that’s how badly I wanted a slice of this divine dessert!

SO how does year old wedding cake taste? Pretty good. The lemon curd still tasted fresh & the strawberries hadn’t browned. The freezer did a number on the frosting though, because it was rather congealed. So that’s the last remnants of our wedding, in our bellies. Kind of sad to have an empty place in our freezer now, and no more planning on how to best move it from freezer to freezer. I think it saw the inside of 4 freezer in all? As Tim would say, Crazy.

Tear. He hasn’t barked since I picked him up at the Humane Society yesterday afternoon. Not even a wimper. We feel so bad for the little dude. So I was looking for something to cheer him up and went online to find a new toy.

found these super cute dog toys with squeakers, crinkle paper, and some (like the penguin) are made to put an empty water bottle in! which is great because Jax loves his water bottles but always ends up ripping pieces of the plastic off and eating them…and then we have nightmares about shards of plastic ripping his intestines… made by wagsandwiggles etsy shop here. poor jaxy pants.

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