Zucchini Muffins


Today I made Zucchini Muffins as a grab and go breakfast option for the week. See those specs of green? That’s called a Vegetable. Here’s a funny story: My mom used to make Carrot cake for my birthday treat every year (the one you bring to school) because she thought the teachers would like the idea of her bringing vegetables hidden inside the birthday sweets. Margaret, my primary school teacher @ Santa Barbara Montessori finally told my mom that she could probably make whatever she wanted because there was more sugar in the carrot cake to mask the carrot flavor.  She was probably right, however I still secretly think that eating some veggies inside your baked goods has got to be better than no veggies…I mean if you’re going to eat baked goods that is. Otherwise go shove some carrot sticks down your throat.

I can’t promise these Zucchini muffins are any better than carrot cake, but they’re so dense, moist, and flavorful you should probably make them anyway. Also, they contain a shovel full of Nutmeg which happens to be my all time fav spice. I dare you to name something that can’t be bettered by Nutmeg. Love. Read More

New York in a Nutshell


So what do you do when you take the redeye to NYC, and when you get there the next morning you find The city sopping wet? you stumble around in the rain without an umbrella or boots or a real coat for that matter. You get soaking wet. You find a dry place to sit down and eat some pancakes and bacon and then head out again until you come across a street vendor who hands you an umbrella, charges you 8.00 for said umbrella, and you feel dry….for exactly 14 minutes until the wind comes and flips your umbrella and then you’re wet all over again. So you take the Subway to Ground Zero, where you discover there really isn’t much there. The memorial hasn’t been finished yet and the crowds won’t show for another 24 hours when the president arrives for his “we caught Bin Laden appearance”. So now you look for a cab to take you across the Brooklyn Bridge because you’re not quite ready to prance across it in the rain and wind since you already have a sniffle. The cab driver tells you he can take you to the street below the Brooklyn Bridge, but not across it and mumbles something about taxi drivers off duty and changing shift. He tells you you’ll find tons of cabs heading back over the Brooklyn Bridge where he drops you. Liar. Brooklyn Bridge Escapade abandoned after 35 minutes. You will Walk through Seaport until you finally come across some cabs. Back to the Hotel. Change of clothes, and then so exhausted and chilled to the bone you contemplate having Lombardi’s Pizza delivered to your Hotel room. Until you realize they won’t deliver to your side of Manhattan. Back in a cab. Finish your day with the BEST Pizza of your entire life that you’ll have dreams about it for weeks. Now Sleep.

And When you wake up to a crisp blue sky, please fit everything else there is to do in New York in One day….

Good morning New York

Empire State Building 9am

Ferry Line to Statue of Liberty 10:30 am

There she is! The Liberty Lady. 11:30am

So Many Self Portraits. 12pm

Magnolia Bakery 2:00pm

Rowing Boats in Central Park 3:30pm

Attempting to row us.

That’s my man.

And that’s me. We were mostly excited that we finally felt warm.

Throughout the day, we had Some really interesting cab drivers. Out two favorites were the cabbie who mumbled something we couldn’t understand and then proceeded to throw his cab in park in the middle of the street so he could get out and grab a coffee, and then tried to offer us bananas through the partition. Aaaand the cab we managed to pick up near 5th avenue at 5:00. We were getting really worried about how we were going to make it back to the hotel to change, eat and get back to Broadway for our show…but luckily I’m a sneakster and found a curved street exiting central park where cars had to stop for a light. Most of the cabs were filled as you can imagine, but we found one and the cabbie said ” that very good no? you work for CIA? what a way to catch a cab on 5th.” Ha.

Well we did manage to get back to the hotel and change…into beautiful fancy clothes and stiletto heels. BIG Mistake. I can’t understand how anyone would pay $150.00 and upwards to $500.00 a ticket to go see a show on Broadway dressed in Sweatpants or jeans and tshirts. I mean we did go see the Lion King, but come on people! Have some class. To be honest I wish I had been wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, mostly because we stuck out like a sore thumb, but also because my panty(hate that word!)hose was making my legs itch like crazy. The show was incredible though…the costumes were craazy.

If we ever go back to spend time in the city, I think I’d like to take time just wandering around…and I think I’d probably eat some more pizza. Maybe visit a museum or two.


G (without the T) L


Mostly what we’ve been up too lately. And I’m ser about the no T in there. Both of us. Looking forward to some pasty pics from the east coast…not to mention were supposed to have rain. Boo. if you’re wondering what the coupons and doughnuts are all about, if you’ve seen TLC’s extreme couponers then you know. It’s insane and we want a garage filled with fruit loops and clorox bleach too, just not as easy as it might seem. We needed more like 50 Sunday papers rather than 1…. But it’s a start. As for the doughnut, sometimes you just gotta give in…and then hit the gym for an hour of cardio!

As we pack our little rolling suitcases and prepare ourselves for redeyes, trains, taxis, gluttony, and general reverence….here are some things we hope to encounter.

Anywhere else we need to put on our list??? Love suggestions thanks!

Wonderful Easter Weekend


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We did, enjoyed both sun and April showers…accompanied by a rainbow…

that was apparently the talk of the town (so I discovered while eavesdropping &  getting my hair done). Photo taken right in our front/back porch. Read More

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