Baking Bread


It seems to me, the whole reason in making Homemade Challah….

Is to make Challah French Toast {with Blackberries}

Thank you Saturday.

Typographic Inspiration


Sweet & Sassy little prints that make me want to start designing. You can buy these here. You’ve also probably seen the “Keep Calm Carry On” poster design somewhere out there.

  1. crushed ice straight from the freezer.
  2. Live foliage in a gated garden (roses please).
  3. a garage with seemingly endless storage.
  4. some walls painted a refreshing shade of green.
  5. floors without carpet fiber.

Just a few, small, simple things that have changed our life for the better, and that we will now no longer be able to go without. Laura Ingalls Wilder said:

“it is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones afterall.”

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Lime Creamsicle Pie


Saturday Night we rounded out our day by doing a little home cooking for Buddy & Frances. On the Menu: Toast with Olive Tapenade & Tomatoes, Lasagna, Frozen Key Lime Pie, and half a game of Parcheesi. I say half because if you’ve ever played that game you know how aggravating it can be, and well….we gave up.

While the appetizer and Lasagna was all wonderful, I won’t bother giving you the recipe because they both need some major fine tuning.

The Dessert however, was rather delicious and a bit different. It was not a traditional key lime pie, not an ice cream pie…it was somewhere inbetween. Sweet, tart, creamy, and cool. Perfect for a Summer pool party. Note: this pie contains raw egg yolks. Weird, I know but we didn’t get sick.

Recipe from Barefoot Contessa: Read More

Reagan Library


Tim has been itching to go check out the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, where they have an air force one on display. Yesterday, we decided would be the perfect activity to do with the grandparents. Although we were all excited to get inside airforce one, to our surprise we found it pretty plain and not nearly as luxurious as one would think. Maybe the newer 747 that Obama flies in is, but this one pretty much had the interior as any plane would have that you and I could ride in today. Of course, we would have to pay pretty exorbitant first class fees to fly around the world with access to a bed and endless jellybeans.

What I really found interesting was all the personal items of R. Reagan that the library had on display… Read More

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