Ojai Backwoods


This weekend was supposed to be gorgeous. Last Thursday was 90 degrees here, friday about 75 degrees, Saturday about 65 degrees….what happened to that taste of summer? I had BIG things planned for this weekend…like eating Popsicles in the sun and walking the dog on the beach. maybe wash the car in the street.. you know SUMMER things. SO instead of my Big plans of getting tan, we took a drive to the mountains above Ojai, where it was mostly foggy until we came across this spot. We were in search of some waterfalls, that we didn’t find….but found this little one instead.

next time there is sun, we’re packing lunch and finding the BIG falls up there for reals. What a Sunday drive though! love these mountains this time of year esp. when the lupins are blooming :)

the beast. in its element.

Drunken Fruit


This weekend gave us an opportunity to entertain. Friends Ali, Dan, & baby Charlie came to visit. I was saving this dish for breakfast sunday morning, but Saturday night came around and I couldn’t resist making it early as a side dish/dessert because it is simply that good. This is the third time I’ve made this dish, and it has never disappointed. Read More

snapping while driving


Today I realized that Tim and I started a game of Words With Friends, and my last move was 10 days ago. Do I really have more important things to do? No, not really. Last week (or was it two weeks ago?…three?) I went to the dentist, and while waiting in the chair, I was using my iphone to look at email or something of that nature. After my cleaning, while still sitting in the same chair, the dentist hands me a reminder appointment card for my next appointment. I ask to borrow her pen and pull out my paper spiral day planner and begin to scramble through the book…the dentist looks at me and says “not a fan of the fancy digital calendar?” ehh nope apparently not doc. It seems as if there’s not many apps that actually get opened on my iphone, unless it has something to do with photos.

While scrolling through my photos on my iphone I discovered that I am indeed a habitual driving photographer. This may be as deadly a habit as smoking, but it sure is fun. Here are my Favs:

Read More

Outstanding in the Field


What would you do if you had $400.00 in your pocket right now? paying off a credit card is practical. Buying a plane ticket to your friend’s bachelorette party in Portland is too. buying fancy red dancing shoes is not. paying for a brazilian blowout also sounds unpractical, unless of course it would actually magically un-mess the mop that is my head 98% of the working week (somebody better give me some advice on this blowout business).

If you reach into your pocket right now and pull out $400.00 DON’T THINK about practicalities. Just click here, scroll down to find where the tour comes closest to you and BUY TICKETS. I would. If I found $400.00 and could get my mind out of the practical gutter and LIVE a little. It would be good for the soul.

Outstanding in the field is coming to Ojai May 12, 2011. Unfortunately we’ll just be coming back from New York and have not pulled out that $400.00 from either of our pockets yet.

I discovered that the guest chef for the ojai tour stop is a chef from The Sidecar Restaurant in Ventura. T&I drive by it all the time and say “that place looks cool”. Now having seen their brunch menu, we will be going. The End.


Last night’s dinner was a trifecta of P’s. I just couldn’t help myself when I decided that I was going to roast an herbed pork tenderloin for dinner and whip up some not so popped popovers, I decided to go for the gold and try out poaching some pears as well. Results: Herbed Tenderloin with fresh herbs from the patio A+, Popovers: B, Poached Pears C-. I’ll tell you why. Read More

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