Clara’s Nursery



Believe it or not, her room was 90% complete about midway through my second trimester, but you know… the last details were a work in progress for quite some time as it usually is with “interior design”.  Speaking of which, I’m constantly reminding my husband that decorating is an open- ended process…anyone else have this issue? Always having a home project going on, seems to drive him…. well, insane.

We reused the furniture from Bennett’s nursery (crib and dresser) and the glider came off of craigslist for cheap, and then I re-upholstered it in a pretty pink. I sewed the crib sheet, changing pad cover, and quilt from Kaffe Fasset fabric, and my mom surprised me with the cute little sundress and matching hat, that she sewed (Kaffe Fasset too!). The mint sweater was mine, that my grandmother had knitted for me. The wood shelf is from etsy, and the hangers are handmade (by me!) actually, I crafted over some fake white satin ones that came with dresses that were purchased. I also crafted the mobile (no easy task as I discovered miniature voodoo dolls are NOT easy to sew) inspired by this esty shop. Also, I assumed that Clara’s hair would be light, as Bennett’s was, but it appears she’s much, much darker. I haven’t decided what to do about the blonde baby in her mobile….

clara_room6 clara_room5 clara_room4 clara_room3 clara_room_2

pregnancy ad finem






You didn’t get to see the baby belly in all of its glory, because I was too busy concentrating on keeping her from falling out of my vagina to do any blogging. But seriously, in that last pic, I was about 2cm dilated, and I still had a couple weeks to go. 5 days before I delivered, I was 4cm dilated, walking around wondering If she was just going to fall out, because really, that’s what it felt like.

18 weeks


I failed to follow through with my 16 week post.
oh well.

nothing much is new, we were rather disgusted with the dry, hot weather we were having here….Tim has a love hate relationship with it, because work is so relentlessly busy he just can’t keep his head above water (no pun intended) but a drought for a water salesman is an excellent time indeed. Its good to have work. The quarter inch of rain Ventura got last week sure was a nice change of pace, but I don’t think that has changed California’s desperate need for water.

I’ve been sewing my little fingers off, and yes, with pink fabric…. Just couldn’t help myself. We are going to go ahead and do a 3D ultrasound for Valentine’s day so that we can once and for all put this gender business to rest. (we had second ultrasound, but the tech couldn’t tell because of the baby’s position.) So I just want to be 100% sure we know its a girl, before any more purchasing takes place. If its a boy, someone is going to get some beautiful hand sewn items, and I’ll be forced to start all over again!

Here is 18 weeks:


We decorated some cookies for Valentine’s day last night, and Bennett decided that sprinkles are his new favorite food. After we were done decorating, B spent a good half hour on the floor looking for all the little sprinkle balls that had fallen. For a minute there I thought we had discovered a new awesome activity, but then Tim reminded me that teaching our son to eat things off the floor is not in fact brilliant. I have to agree, but I’m going to keep that one in my back pocket, you know, just in case.


Also, top right…that’s how he smiles when you say “smile” cept usually his eyes aren’t even open. haha.

12 + 14


I’m currently 15 weeks, so I figure its time to post before I deliver this girl.
baby2_12 baby2_14

We had a first trimester screen at about 13.5 weeks, when we found out it was a girl (I’m still a little skeptical about that) they also found a couple more minor complications, that may change with time, so I’ve got another ultrasound next week. Hoping to also solidify that gender while we’re there so I don’t have to wonder anymore :)

It’s a girl!



It’s a girl! we found out this weekend. Bennett got to pull the string on the confetti pinata, but then not all the confetti came out, so we shook it, and he loved it. And we loved it, because it was such a shock. When they told us at the ultrasound last week that they were 95% sure, We thought that odds were knowing this early, meant it was a boy. I was not prepared, and I think I’m still in denial. In a month when we have another ultrasound, we’ll confirm again, and then I’ll be able to truly accept it! Until then, I’m going to try not to shop for any pink dresses….but not making any promises.

Bump shots to come soon. xo.


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