4 things spring


Last weekend we had too much rain and it was supposed to be the start of spring. We had so much rain that on my way home from buying these fresh binders to re-org/spring clean all my Martha clips, I spotted a helicopter fishing people out of a creek. No joke. These came directly from Tar-Zhay, but I would’ve much rather had some with a flashy pattern as shown on the Greenroom website. Oh Vell. They do the trick, and the colors match the walls in our house (irrelevant but ironic nonetheless).

Compulsively buying daffodils at Fresh&Easy. I end up grocery shopping about twice a week, and everytime I go in there I end up buying one bunch more than I did the time before. Luckily, a bunch of 8 costs something like $1.49. Daffodils are addicting. Daffodils: a happy flower that remind one of butter, creamy buttery butter. Jax must think so too, as he keeps trying to eat em.

Dad & Dawn brought this back earlier this month from their Vaca in Kauai. Now we’ve finally got some coral in the living room to break up all that blinding blue and green. The colors on the walls in our house are much like leaving Christmas lights as part of a permanent decor; we’re always going to be ready for spring. I’m a fan.

Home-made Sunday morning Breakfast Latte. Yeak, ok so not homemade (and nothing to do with spring, I admit). I’ll need a monsterous commercial espresso machine that takes over my kitchen to make one this frothy. I even spilled it twice on my way home (abt .5 miles roundtrip) dang rain and gail force wind! nothing to do with buttery fingers. nothing at all to do with them. Thanks for the picture perfect teacup Michelle C!


Barking Beagle


Jax says hi. Can you tell he was about to bark at me? he hates the flash of the camera. Its sets his bark off. But I couldn’t resist showing you how big he’s getting. (very long) but still very skinny. He’s underweight, but I attribute this to good genes and a fast metabolism. Lucky dog!

Valentine’s 2011


Instead of Roses I got this Azalea Bush from Tim for Valentine’s day. So Pretty.  In his words, this bush is much more practical than roses, and I agree with him. I keep collecting gardening magazines and talking about all the plants I want to grow. So now, I have this bush Tree? and I’ve got to somehow keep it alive until next year when it will bloom again. The pressure is really on to not kill the thing because it will lose all practicality. It came with a tag that said to keep it in indirect sunlight. Right now, I’ve got it inside by the front door where it gets a bit of sunlight everyday. This is going to a be a problem real soon though….See that stuff in the pot? that grassy stuff? Yeah Jax loves it. I should probably re-pot it anyway, but then I’ll find out how much Jax loves to dig in the dirt, in the house. Yeah. Not going there.  So then the plant goes outside. Where….I will most likely forget about it or overwater it. Or more like just plain forget to water it. Read More

Beaver Fever


We finally Settled on the name Jax…which the pup kind of chose himself. We carved names into treats and spread them out on the floor. Whichever treat he went for first, we decided was his way of choosing his own name. Clever? I think so. Anyhow…Moira and Mark gave him this Beaver toy when they came for Superbowl Sunday, and he loves it. It was like the same Size as him so he must think its his buddy. Well he chews on it a lot, which is great because that means he’s not chewing on our hands.

Winston, Jax, Hank


ohhh puppy eyesOn Tuesday Tim and I brought home a baby beagle from the Nard .

Here are 5 things we’ve learned about him:

1. he loves to sleep in warm places, like 20 hours a day (awesome while it lasts).

2. he has puppy breath that smells like garlic.

3. he loves to chew on things, like my green scarf.

4. he has a piercing loud puppy bark that apparently he doesn’t tire of too easily.

5. he came from a litter of 6, his mom’s name is bella and his dad’s was jumper (or scooter) we actually can’t remember. oops. Read More

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