New Nest


In November, Tim was transferred back to Santa Paula. You know, where he originally was placed after graduation, and then transferred to Santa Maria, and then back to Santa Paula for like 2 weeks, and then back to Santa Maria. Well our move to Buellton proved to be a big mistake, because we were then both driving an hour to an hour and a half south (in the same direction). If you think this could only last so long, you are correct. We decided to terminate our lease early, for the second time in 2.5 years. Such a waste of money. BUT now we have more time, to do things like cook dinner :)

The best part of the move is that the New place, back in Ventura, is about the same size as the last place, and although a bit older gives us a little more bang for the buck. Def something we didn’t expect as we were worried about landing ourselves back into an old one bedroom apartment. We now have a garage, and a small gated patio (complete with foliage!) AND we managed to keep the guest bedroom so y’all can come visit anytime.

Christmas is all around.


Nerdy…mostly thanks to my new glasses (that Tim helped pick out I might add).

One of the beautiful vintage ornaments that Tim’s grandma sent us last year in Lieu of all his real ornaments, which I’m told consist of enough football player figurines that we’ll have to get a 3rd bedroom to store them! SO EXCITED for when those show up. For now, we have all my ornaments my mother put together in a box for me, and these hand-painted Italian ornaments from the 70’s. Hey, I’ll take it! I love the pastel colors on these ceramic bulbs, they’re so much more peaceful looking than the new ornaments you find in department stores covered in glitter and poorly cast out of aluminum….sadly, that brings me to the next attraction on the tree. Our Star. Yikes. I was surprised that I actually found one of these at CVS last week. Ours was inherited via the packaging lab at Cal Poly in 2008. It has now topped our tree for the third time, and I’m slightly worried because of its significance in the beginnings of our relationship, this sad star is here to stay. The star was a “product” that Tim and I (and two other group members) had to design a paperboard package around. Ironically, the package is long gone. It’s really hard to tell if the star is made of metal or plastic (possibly a combination of both), glitter is glued haphazardly, and the base has to be stuffed with cotton balls in order to stand upright at the top of the tree. It was probably made in China, Sigh. Read More

Holiday Happenings


T & I visited SF last was quite the drive considering we left Wednesday night for Bakersfield, then from Bakersfield drove to Sacramento, and then from Sacramento drove to San Fran for a night. Once we got to San Fran, we then embarked on a refreshing stroll through the hills to find a taxi to take us to Yelena, which then quickly became a 30 block night hike! (probably through some neighborhoods we weren’t meant to walk through). Well worth the walk though. Yelena and Josh are great at “foodertaining” us, never a dull plate with these two!

Although, it would have been really entertaining to see Yelena on ice in union square. *sigh* Read More

Tour of Sacramento


Julianne showed me around downtown Sacramento the day before her birthday. We walked quite a bit around and around through falling leaves and sprinkles and downed some coffee. Juj decided to buy her first tree, that she then carried a few blocks home. We even went and found a real official stand for it, the tree guy told us to find a fishbowl and fill it with rocks, but it was actually easier to find a miniature stand than a fishbowl…imagine that. Although sans ornaments ( we probably would have made some if there was more time), and one strand of broken lights, and the tree sitting on a table because there really was no other place for it in the studio, it was a success! Read More

The Pup that got away…


Yes, this little Red Merle Aussie got away from us. He was almost ours, but unfortunately we had a lack of approval from the property management company to have a dog in our wonderful new little nest. Incidentally, as this was happening, Layne C. decided to move Tim from the Santa Maria office back down to the Santa Paula office….A real shocker. Although, the company does seem to have a trend of playing ping pong with our lives, so maybe it shouldn’t have come as such a shock. Perhaps our un-approval for this beautiful pup is a blessing in disguise? who knows really. We were pretty sad to hear that the breeders had another family come to take him away. I suppose that this incident (loosing the dog) will only aid in our decision (that will have to be made at some point) to move back down south to somewhere that will actually allow us to have one. Right now, the thought of moving out of the place we just (finally) settled into is well….no actual words to explain other than really ******* mad. I have no doubt that if L.C. truly has Tim back in Santa Paula and Santa Maria is no more, our lives will have to be hurled in the opposite direction that we were excitedly headed(SLO). Ventura was not a very happy place for us so moving back in that direction will definitely be a cause for a puppy.

Did I mention he had one green eye, and one blue eye? So cute. So sad.

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