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N & T sitting in a Tree…



going in for it

happyN&T Sitting in a tree..K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes? Ha! not quite. These are some pics last year from our engagement session with A & D Photography (I added a couple edits on them for fun). Appropriate because 1 year ago today, Tim proposed in Las Vegas! and so glad he did!

This year we both enjoyed sparkler candles, and yummy treats to celebrate our summer birthdays. Tim got homemade coconut
pecan cupcakes with chocolate ganache and Nicole got very berry crumble pie from Pattibakes. Yum!

Ember The Cat


Last Weekend Tim and I went to San Diego for a visit & stayed with our friends Heather & Jeff in Crown Point. Their kitty Ember is such a pretty little thing! I wish Tim and I were cat people instead of dog people because it would be easier. you don’t have to walk cats, they entertain themselves, and they clean themselves. For now, I think Tim and I will just try and take care of ourselves, although I do see us bringing a pet home in the near future (Something larger than the clownfish this time around).

Pie Love


The Lovely Brianne Lyon sent me this Pie dish for my birthday. When I told her that she didn’t have to do that she said there was no way she was leaving the store without this little beauty, and boy am I glad she didn’t! So cute. (from Anthropologie).

So….I baked a delicious sour cream Peach tart to share. Recipe here.

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