The kid is gettin GOOD. He’s been working on his guitar skills for quite sometime, but recently since our wedding where he strummed This: Wedding Song for us to walk down the aisle to, Sean has added vocals and playing in public venues. Coolest kid brother you could ask for (Talented too). You can find his music on facebook here



Tim’s grandparents (Buddy & Fran) came to visit in the beginning of August to deliver all of Tim’s “membries” from when he was a kid. This consisted of an entire truck filled with boxes and boxes of toys….stuffed animals…matchbox cars…the entire collection of motor city…teddy rupskin…G.I. Joes…legos…and some sweet dinosaur toys that just so happen to have all of their parts and are worth an estimated $400.00 on ebay. Crazy huh? Well, we’re swimming in Tim’s “membries” (or rather boxes of stuff) for now.



Having just moved to beautiful Buellton, we felt it necessary to visit Ostrichland. They sell all things Ostrich here AND give you an opportunity to feed these Big Dino-Bird critters. Feeding them is well worth the money just in the adrenaline rush that they might accidentally(or purposely) peck you. We got a stand for our Ostrich egg shell that we got up at the F.M. Farmhouse on our wedding day. Yelena and Josh joined us for some feeding fun and not so fun (Josh got nipped on the neck by one of the big birds when he had his back turned.) Haha.

First Post


For all of you out there who happen to care what is going on in the world of the Oman Newlyweds…this Blog is for you! Can’t wait to get started and show you what we’ve been up to after the wedding & Fiji.

Engagement Photo

One of our favs from the E-shoot

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