The Elephant Man


Ummm cutest costume of all time! Love this little elephant. 10 months on Thursday. Taking his first steps! Says “hi Dad” all the time. We’re still working on Mom. Loooooves throwing things and plays a pretty good game of catch. Gives Jax hugs. Opens drawers (and slams fingers). Gives high fives. dances.

Happy Halloweenie, ya’ll!

Falling into October


It’s getting cozy around here. And by cozy, I mean like 80 degree plus sweat filled days and sleepless nights. Thank you Southern California for your astute interpretation of fall. While we wait to wear our sweaters and ugg boots, we’ll all just have to settle on pumpkin decor and spiced candles.



Maybe I’m just behind the times…but this is so cool!



And looks dangerous….but fun to watch, no?

A wedding in Hollister


We just came home from an extra long weekend filled with celebration and good friends. Usually after a long weekend away, we are exhausted and ready to be at home in our own space. After this weekend, the feelings are mixed having seen some of our great friends get married and share in their gorgeous day, we’re kind of sad that its all over. Before I get excited about the next wedding, and all the falling into fall things I plan to dig into this week, I’ve been reviewing photos from the weekend…something it usually takes me over a week to get into. It was just such a magical weekend spent under twinkle lights, inspiring, and meaningful, I’m still soaking it all in.

One of the most wonderful Sunsets I ever did see. Overlooking Leal Vineyard.

Missing the groom in this one.

Twinkle Lights galore. After being amongst these on a warm night, I’m convinced I need to bribe Tim to get some up in our backyard tree. He tends to disagree (mostly because of the height of our tree).

Little B stayed out past his bedtime two nights in a row, but we managed to get him to sleep in his carseat, all snug as a bug in his carseat so we could continue our celebrating. Nights like these, make me thankful for such a mellow child (and nursing!!).

This guy.

The Vineyard celebration areas have these enormous fireplaces that you almost forget you are outside in the middle of nowhereville. I love that inside out feeling in a space.

Layne & Shannon. Our most favorite travel companions.

The ending of the first night, back at the hotel room, meant a wide-eyed Bennett who must have thought it was still party time.

The next day was a very quick one. Wedding days always fly by, whether its your own day or someone else’s….they are the most fleeting of all. We got up in the morning bright and early, had some breakfast down at the golf course snack bar. Bennett smooshed a considerable amount of puffs down his mouth and equal amounts on the floor. Then, I ventured out on my own with Little B in tow, to visit my roommate from Freshman year at Cal Poly. It dawned on me, as we pulled into the town of Hollister the day before that I actually knew someone who lived there. Kimmy and her little family lived there, so I dropped her a line fbook style, and made some plans. After meeting her two boys, 3 and 1…I realized how weird it was that I felt as if I’d known them since the day they were born. Between facebook and her blog, I’ve seen all their photos, heard their stories….I kind of did know them…at least on a surface level. I started thinking about how its strangely invasive to our families to put it all out there so publicly…that my acquantainces on facebook may know more about Bennett than they should. Then on the other side, if it weren’t for facebook I would have never met up with Kimmy and seen her family in person, because the personal distance between us was so great.

After meeting up with Kimmy’s Family, I got back to the hotel and we had a couple hours to get clean, eat, pop champagne, curl hair, get our crawl on….before the catholic mass ceremony. Bennett did ok, with one trip outside for a breather.

I was in complete awe of their wedding decor…So creative. You could tell they poured their hearts into this wedding.

Succulents! don’t you love the fiddle heads?

Hand made cork place cards.

So there it is! a glimpse at our long wedding weekend.

I coulda been a gypsy


{image via}

I like to think I have a knack for seeing the big picture in things. There was this game I used to play with friends where I’d try and peg what car, what city, what job, what life they had 5 or 10 years out. People would remember what my predictions were, because years later they would tell me that I was close, or that they never forgot what I told them about what their life would be like. I like to think I actually played a role in what their lives chalked up to be. What I actually did was make a prediction based on their current path, what they were most interested in, their motivation in life, etc. And I knew this…because they told me, duh! and then I’d try and think of what job and what city made the most sense for them to be living in. The prediction was like point A to point B with the shortest distance in between. In real life, for most people…On the way from point A to point B, C gets intercepted by point Q and then Q knocks out point W and W hides behind C for awhile, only to get rescued by point G, who happens to be the brother of C, who married E….and so on and so on. Life can be confusing, and its almost always unpredictable.

My life has kind of gone on without a hitch. No interruptions, no hiccups. ( A to B to C to D to E to F to G) Very predictable and I love it and I hate it.

One of my best friends (whom I once did a gypsy prediction for) emailed me at 6:15 this morning to tell me that “something’s changed.” Years, months, weeks, days ago she thought if she ever got married one day, she’d just go somewhere like Hawaii and elope or have a destination celebration. She didn’t want any hoopla. As it turns out, she woke up this morning realizing exactly what she wanted, and it was completely the opposite. A Jewish groom, a small but ever meaningful wedding, with a beautiful chuppah made of birch. Her life path has changed directions more than anyone I’ve ever met, but she adapts so beautifully along the way. I admire that she’s always looking ahead towards what she wants and reaches her hand out and grasps it. So much strength.

I kind of live my life letting things happen, and then after they happen I decide that’s what I always wanted. I never really know exactly what I want until I have it. I think knowing something, just one thing that you know you for sure want, and going after it can be such a grounding thing. Love and a Chuppah at last.

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