Easy like Sunday Morning



They’re like old pals now. They have an understanding: Bennett feeds Jax all of his rice rusks and any fruit slices we hand him, and Jax makes sure to stand watch for any and all intruders that enter the yard. Tim witnessed Jax chase a squirrel up a tree and he kept it up there, screeching squirrel and all. Another time he caught a cat off0guard that came prancing across our patio,unaware of the beast that loomed. the cat narrowly escaped.


Now that he crawls, all he wants to do is stand. So totally exhausting. Mainly because as soon as he pulls himself up, we wait for him to fall, and hope its just straight down on his butt, and not the kind of backwards arch smack into the tile floor before we can catch him kind of fall. Can you tell that he thinks standing up is the best thing he’s ever discovered?

getting in to everything.


Blowing his bottom lip out is endlessly entertaining. I think he does it because he knows we’ll laugh. And laugh we do.

My sweet boy. You’re growing (too much!) everyday away from a baby and into a little man. You are 8 months. You still don’t have any teeth. You love your swing we hung for you in the Jacaranda tree and squeal with delight when we give you a push. You love green beans, especially mixed with banana. You can eat whole pieces of fruit, and chew them well.  You basically say “jax” only it sounds more like “Jah” which I just knew would be your first word. In the morning when you wake up, you look for him when we walk out of the bedroom, and if I let you, you’ll crawl into his dog bed. You take two naps a day, but you’re not sleeping through the night. Not even close. Last night you woke us up half a dozen times, though you might have your first cold. I could’ve sworn at 2:06 am I saw you on the video monitor (standing up in your crib) screaming at the top of your lungs, stop, turn towards the camera and smile, and then turn away and start screaming again. You’re learning how to wave “hi” and “bye” and have done it on your own a handful of times when we tell you to. When I hold you and someone comes up to say hi to us, you often smile and lay your head down coyly into my chest – I love that. You play well by yourself, but you prefer if you have Jax near you, or one of our legs standing over you to pull yourself up on. I think you’re starting to learn “kisses” because you get in my face with that sweet breath and try and eat my nose. I do not love it when you pull my hair, and daddy does not love it when you pull his leg hair. We’re still working on how to teach you not to do that. You draw everyone in that comes in contact with you with that toothless smile, that I get scared some stranger is going to want to snatch you up. I know I would.

xoxo Mom



I’m now twenty-six. Had some great family & friend time out at El Capitan State Beach & a belated birthday treat yesterday with my momma at the Ojai Valley Inn spa. Seriously Ahhh-mazing that place. While you breathe in lavender infused air conditioning, munch on rosemary salted popcorn, and lounge about wearing nothing but a robe among strangers, its pretty hard to imagine a dark world. Between massage and facial, we dined poolside and some friends popped in to surprise me. I really thought “hey…small world, you’re here too?!” But those two, so fun. We laughed for a good hour and a half and ate light salads…followed by decadent chocolate mousse crunch cake and key lime tart. Like heaven.

{image via}

I could get used to that place.

We also discovered grass last week.

and ate some.

man and little man. Beach style.

Sleeping. Beach style.

Thanks for the birthday photo little man.



things having been unraveling the last couple days. Not all bad, not all good. Just a lot to handle.

Truth: the garage door is super messed up which means leaving and coming home are a pain in the butt. (I know, first world problems)

Truth: When we were in Hawaii my iphone fell onto the deck of the catamaran during our sunset cruise and cracked the back of the phone. It was a blemish, nothing more…..until yesterday when Tim was on the road and trying to call me and suddenly I couldn’t hear anything. Not him, not a voicemail…nothin. I’ve now discovered that the speaker works, which means that I’ll likely be walking around for an entire year talking to everyone on speakerphone, because that’s how long I still have on my contract. crap.

Truth: Tim’s grandfather, (Hi Buddy!) had a major heart attack, and it scared us all. No Bueno. He’s on the mend right now, and we’re all pulling for him.

Truth: Little B is on the move. And it’s getting real scary up in here. See the proof below!

Bennett Crawls from nicole oman on Vimeo.

on photo albums


ugh. Do you ever have one of those projects that seems really simple, but you can’t make a decision if your life depends on it, so said project just sits and sits and the lack of decision makes it grow and grow and there’s no stopping it, but if you just made a g.d. decision it could be over, and you could move on with your life? That’s me and making photo albums.

About 4 years ago (I don’t know I can’t do math right now) I bought 3 humongous photo albums from Pottery Barn. They cost an arm and a leg, but they were the good kind, that you just know are going to stay around forever. I was able to put all of my baby/childhood/going through that weird puberty age/high school/college photos in them. They weigh about 30 pounds each, and then of course, I ran out of space. So then I went to buy some more to continue and it’s like they don’t exist. ANYWHERE. I’ve tried ebay…like I’ve checked it religiously over the last year…and no cigar, my friends. No Cigar.

I do not like inconsistencies, and here I am, faced with a major blunder.  Now I have to make the decision (which we’ve already established that I cannot for the life of me, make) what to do what to do.

jump ship on traditional photos and go the photobook route?

keep what I have and move on to a new, but equally classy album?

Set fire to Pottery Barn headquarters?

Call Pottery Barn and demand they find/make some more albums for me?

re organize all albums to match and buy a truckload of matching albums for the future?

I’m now realizing how insane this whole thing is. Shouldn’t I have something better to do with my spare time? Sadly, no. After B goes to sleep, my time is spent in photoshop, watching teen mom, drinking cheap white wine, and mopping the floors.  So really, this is the highlight of my night-time agenda. Worrying about how to make my photo albums consistently sparkly just is.

here’s my dilemma:

Snapfish, Shutterly, etc. make photobooks that are cheap, I could get one for every occasion and start a real library of them. Shutterfly is making some really good design elements. The problem is, I worry about the quality of the print. Hello, graphic communication major! I see halftone, and books slapped together off of a production line. They’re cheap, because they’re cheap.

More quality places like Mpix, MyPublisher, Blurb, Adorama, have some higher end options in the photobook arena, that were hard to ignore, but when you start adding all of the attractive features like special paper and lay flat pages, you’ve got yourself a work of art….and a hefty price tag. I just can’t see myself making one of those every couple months. Plus, if you’re a perfectionist, those online programs can take forevah.

{image via}

KOLO: I always come back to KOLO. By now I’ve analyzed every single one of their albums, and they are just perfect. I think I’ve got to work with them. Their albums stay fairly consistent over time… I know this because I’ve got one from like 8 years ago and they basically make the same thing. They also do a version of a photo book, and have a print and load service for a traditional album, which is a pretty good deal. Also, in no way is this an advertisement for KOLO, but since I really do think they are top quality with fairly low price tag, I feel that you should probably know about them if you don’t already. Now I just have to make a decision on which KOLO style I want. That could take another couple months (for reals).

what do you think about photobooks, traditional albums, scrapbooks…give me your favs!

a boy and his dog



“what did youuuu eat for lunch?mmmmmmmm milk”

“yo, B…I’ll tell ya a secret…”

“humor mom, she wants a damn picture”

“I’ll teach you a secret handshake…”

“ohh Dawg…I just luv your swag”

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