Oh such a tricky topic indeed. About 5 years ago, while at Cal Poly, one of my professors was very adamant about teaching the ins and outs on image copyrights and the very fact there are voids in the whole system. So many people are talking about the importance of watermarking your images these days and making sure to link to original sources (Check out Link with love for some good reading on the subject).

There was a time when I would get really fired up over people “copying my style.” I seriously hated me some copycat. If I would go buy a sweater that I thought was real cool, and some friend went and bought the same one…and had the audacity to wear it in front of me, well they weren’t my friend for much longer. The worst was when I’d tell someone about something I’d always thought I’d loved…a song, a movie, a website, a book….and then days or weeks later they’d come around and try and tell me about it, like they discovered it. Great bullocks! that still makes me mad. And don’t try and tell me that copying is the sincerest form of flattery!

Here are two ways to copy an image. Both are equally naughty in my book, but technically only one is wrong:

you can be a copycat just like the examples above, and replicate some else’s work. You’re not really being authentic, but its basically legal, if it came from your camera lens…then you’ve got you’re own copyright. dumb but true. (maybe unless you’re simply taking a photo of someone else’s artwork…then that’s probably not ok).

You can also just take an image from someone else that didn’t watermark it, and “hey, it looks pretty nice on my blog and no one will really know it isn’t mine.” (I’m guilty of it, see a few posts down of the ocean ‘in deep’) its easy to do. I’ll probably be taking that one down, but felt that I might just leave it up a bit longer so you can see what I’m talking about. And if you don’t link it back, then it really does appear to be  yours now. This is illegal, unless you can justify it as “fair use” but you’re really getting yourself a bit ‘in deep’ going that route.

About watermarks: you may think it is silly that I’m now watermarking the images that I take with my camera, and post to my blog. They’re 98% images of my dog and baby and family…so why would anyone want to copy them? Well in a cyberspace built on copying…that’s the only protection that I have against fraud, against someone deciding to use a picture of my babe to liven up their blog….that they make money on. At least, if they decide to use my image, they’re going to either have to do some serious photoshopping to get the watermark out…or I’m getting a free ad back to my blog. It elminates a bit of my uneasiness about the internet and posting my photos on such a public place.

Pinterest and facebook are scary places…but maybe more on that later.

red currant scones


Saturday morning we head off to the farmer’s market. It is becoming a tradition our family looks forward to all week. About half our weekly grocery money is spent on seasonal vegetables, fruits, and locally baked breads or treats. Last Saturday I spied some currants from the berry man, and was quite intrigued by them. We purchased everything we needed for the week, and knowing that I had my eye on those plump little globes of red tartness, Tim decided to give me the last 5 to go pick some out. I really had no idea what do with them, but knew I wanted to bake them into something. In place of dried currants, I used red fresh ones to liven up a plain buttermilk scone recipe. They were delicious, but next time I’ll probably throw in another flavor, like lemon or orange.

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Picking Lemons


When we came home from the office today, we went outside to pick some of our surplus lemons from the not-so-dwarf of a lemon tree. Bennett helped out, as you can see.

Some updates on the boy @ 6.5 months

New Tricks: blowing fart noises with your bottom lip. Spitting? yep, that definitely happened tonight. scooting backwards. Rolling over on your back while nursing ( that hurts). slapping your leg. Today I sang “the ants go marching…” to you and you kind of sang it back to me, and then you fell asleep.

Foods: you like peaches, pears, watermelon and frozen banana. As many rice rusks as we’ll give you. Greens: you devoured an entire squeeze tube of spinach and raspberry, and some zucchini blends. You also gnawed on some carrots and threw them on the ground like everything else for Jax to eat. You do that well.

Sleep: last week you slept one night from 8pm to 4:14am…that was incredible. Usually you fall asleep around 8pm and wake up around 11pm and again at 3am and then again around 5 when you end up in our bed (because that’s just too damn early son). Lately though, we just don’t know what to expect from you.

Teeth: still none.

Toys: Still love your jumper, not so much the swing. Starting to get a real kick out of stuffed animals. At work, you play with butt implants…that may never get old to watch. You also have this weird camera toy that sings songs and repeats things over and over when you push the buttons. About ready to throw that thing out the window.

Size: 6-12 months or 9 months seem to fit the best, but we still wear some 3-6 months stuff too. Lovin plaid shorts and t shirts these days.

in deep


The past week I have had a few tragic stories weigh heavily on me.

The first comes from a blogger who I’ve read for quite some time, and I feel that I know her story well. I won’t re-tell her story, because she wrote it well and I think maybe you should read it too. Maybe it will make you think twice about shopping at Walmart or Target today. This story very much deepened my fears about what it means working for a family business. Although we have such a niche market, and a completely different business model, I do wonder everyday What will happen when my parents leave the picture…will the show go on? will we be successful? will people still be doing cosmetic surgery 10 years from now? 20 years? Can I even manage these things on my own? who will help me? The plans for the future of our small business are still unknown, and the unknown is something that both intrigues me and that I despise.

The second story is completely unrelated, and not something that most people want to talk about. I kind of became mind obsessed with this story, and it took me a little while to figure out why. I laid awake one night for hours thinking of this family.  Death & teen suicide, are not a joking matter. It is real beyond belief, and also something so completely misunderstood. I don’t understand it.  I really don’t. I only know that someone close to me was recently affected by it and it affected me. More so now, I came to realize than something like this could have ever affected me before. Now being a mother to this innocent baby, who in my mind is so pure and good and will grow up to be this delightful boy and then later a wonderful man. I could not fathom him ever wanting to take his own life. Just as I am sure this woman, whom I have met, when she had given birth to her son could not have EVER imagined her son taking his own life while they were on a family vacation in the Bahamas. Putting myself in her shoes has made me feel a multitude of things…feeling the need to smother Bennett with love everysingleday… feeling like his fate in life to unpredictable and uncertain…feeling sad that there will be things I cannot protect him from….feeling hopeful that no matter what, he will be an extraordinary person.

Life is so uncertain.

Monday Music


It’s Monday again, and yet another week that I’ve promised myself to be extraordinarily productive and accomplished. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Like everynight I set my alarm for 5am with the promise of making it to the gym before work. It hasn’t happened yet, and as the week drags on…the chances of that happening drop from a meager 50% to less than 10%. (There’s always next Monday to make that a reality right?….one more week of sleeping till quarter to seven). And no, I did not make it to the gym this morning. But I did shower. And no, I did not find the time to dry my hair.

But I did make coffee, and this playlist to start the week off with a boom. And maybe to inspire me to run this afternoon instead…(that is, if I can remember to wear a sportsbra and not a nursing bra to the gym).

+ some photos from our family trip up to Pismo Beach for July 4th. Such a good time with my family. We had pretty typical Pismo weather, cloudy with optimistic sunshine that teases throughout the day. There were some serious crowds of people down at the beach for the fireworks show. We had no idea what to expect, but were lucky enough to have our own little beachfront pad at the Sandcastle Inn. Watched the show from our balcony, wine in hand. We will probably do this again someday. Funny little story about wine. On our way up to Pismo, we stopped to visit my cousins the Melvilles. We purchased some bottles of wine (family discount!) and headed off on our way down the road. When we got to the hotel, we brought all the bottles in out of the car, and then shortly discovered that two of the bottles that were supposed to be 2009 Syrah, were actually 1999 Syrah. Hello 1999! You would have tasted so good on the lips. Well, I had to call and tell my cousin (otherwise, no doubt she would have been in deep!) to exchange the bottles. Good thing I’m honest, eh?

Dad reliving his past in Pismo > Sean pestering him.

view from our fabulous room at the sandcastle inn. (thankful we got to stay out of the sand, while still enjoying it)

Hey, Ben: You sure are a handsome boy.

creepy mannequin heads.

window display that reminded me of this cool online store. You can pick out 5 frames and they will send them to you to try on before you buy them. I’m thinking about picking out some prescription sunglasses from them. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Now for a second cup of beans.

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